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The brand new Lone Wolf website,, is now open for business! The site features new and reprinted gamebooks, art prints by Alberto Dal Lago and Lukas Thelin, a Brief History of Lone Wolf written by Jonathan Green (together with a visual timeline of all Lone Wolf products), and includes a link to the Lone Wolf AR web page for the augmented reality roleplaying game currently in development.

Pre-orders for a First Edition of the English version of book #30, Dead In The Deep, are open, together with the Collector’s Edition of book #23, Mydnight’s Hero, which is available to purchase immediately.

As with previous hardback releases, Dead In The Deep includes the bonus adventure ‘The Kaum Before The Storm’ by August Hahn, and Mydnight’s Hero features ‘Lost in the Kelderwastes’ by Florent Haro & Vincent Lazzari.

Dead In The Deep also features some excellent old-school black & white interior illustrations by NerdGore (aka Rich Sampson). Here are two samples of NerdGore’s art to whet your appetite:

Visit now to explore Joe Dever’s fantastic world of Magnamund, and the epic Lone Wolf gamebook series.

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  1. Gaetano Abbondanza

    Are there plans to re-release all of the print book? I only see a couple listed on the site. Also wondering if the map books are currently for sale?

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