KICKSTARTER: Savage Realms: Escape from Darkmoor Keep

The second gamebook from EndGame Gaming in the Savage Realms Legorian Kings Saga, Escape from Darkmoor Keep, has now been launched for funding on Kickstarter. A multi-quest gamebook written in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, YOU (and/or your party, if you are playing with multiple players) determine the outcome of the story by the choices that you make. In fact, sometimes, your very fate(s) will even depend on the roll of the dice themselves!

Escape from Darkmoor Keep finds you, the adventurer, trapped on the mysterious and savage island of Darkmoor Keep with no memory or knowledge of how you got there, or even why. Can you survive long enough to solve the mystery, or will you become just another one of the island’s many casualties?

Created by Brian Henson and TroyAnthony Schermer, the Savage Realms series began earlier this year with the release of Labyrinth: The Lich Lord’s Lair – the gatekeeper for an epic, ongoing saga of fantasy adventures set in the world of Ataraxia. Savage Realms gamebooks can be played solo or as a 4-player co-operative experience, and characters created for the first book can continue their questing in following adventures.

Backers can pledge for paperback and hardback editions of the gamebook, which will be between 250 and 300 pages in total, including 30 black & white interior illustrations by returning artist Ilya Shkipin, with more art to be added if a US$6,500 Stretch Goal is unlocked. Additionally, exclusive Limited Edition artwork that will not be included in the book, or featured anywhere else, is also available in the ARCH MAGE pledge level.

illustrations by Ilya Shkipin

The Kickstarter campaign for Escape from Darkmoor Keep ends on July 24th. Like and follow the Savage Realms Multi-Quest Gamebooks Facebook page for regular updates on the series.

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