Pre-order: TOMBCRAWL ‘Special Edition’

TOMBCRAWL is a brand new mini-gamebook from Static Void Records that is housed inside a high quality 40+ page zine. In TOMBCRAWL you play as an unnamed victim with no memory and no hope for survival. You are trapped within a pitch-black underground labyrinth and must fight for freedom, or become a permanent fixture of this bleak and forsaken place.

TOMBCRAWL uses a simple dice-based combat system, and you may be lucky enough to find a few items during your adventure to aid you in battle. A myriad of horrific creatures await you in the depths – if you can even make it that far. All you need to play the game are the two coloured D6 included with this ‘Special Edition’, plus your own pencil and paper.

The zine measures 8.5″x11″ and is printed on thick, glossy paper. The cover is printed in colour on heavier paper, while the rest of the zine is black & white.

This ‘Special Edition’ also comes with a 13″x19″ bonus poster featuring original art by Christophe Spzajdel, who has created logos for extreme metal bands such as Emperor, Blut Aus Nord, Damnation and many more.

An immersive bonus soundtrack CD featuring roughly 20 minutes of original dungeon synth (dark ambient) music will also be included. The disc will feature a high quality thermal print and will be stored in a plastic sleeve attached to the back of the front cover. The reader is encouraged to play the soundtrack as they experience the adventure.

This ‘Special Edition’ pre-order of TOMBCRAWL is limited to just 25 copies, and can be ordered from Static Void Records’ Bandcamp page. A larger print run of a basic version of TOMBCRAWL (zine only) will be available to purchase sometime during 2020.

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