Night Call is an upcoming neo-noir murder mystery set in Paris, featuring 200,000+ words and more than 400 in-game unlockable achievements. A collaboration between indie developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio, and published by Raw Fury, Night Call is an atmospheric narrative game full of secrets and consequences, with an emotive black & white visual style influenced by many classic and contemporary noir movies – particularly the French movie La Haine, where Paris itself plays an important character.

Much like the persona of Paris, Night Call is curiously multi-faceted. On one hand, it’s a procedurally generated investigative game that focuses on a stirring narrative told by passengers in the back of your cab via branching conversation choices. Each passenger has the potential of passing along knowledge that will help you discover the identity of a serial killer roaming the City of Lights, the ultimate goal of Night Call. On the other hand, it’s a resource management game where picking up fares and tips is what keeps your cab and livelihood afloat. Keep up with your bills to continue the investigation or fail completely if you run out of funds.

A serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Paris. The body count rises, and the police are no closer to catching the culprit. You are a taxi driver and the last person to see the most recent victim alive. These next few shifts will be far from ordinary or safe… 

Night Call is an investigative noir game with two goals: solve a murder mystery and make enough money to pay your bills. Your shift starts at night and ends at daybreak, as you try to earn enough to pay for your cab, your apartment, and just make a living. But when the police investigation gets nowhere, the officer in charge forces you to help by doing what you do best: getting passengers to talk in the little time that you have their attention. 

The two roles you must play (investigator and cabbie) each have a set of priorities that may at times conflict with each other. You need to get enough information from the right passengers – but you only have them for so much time. Pick up the right passengers and ask the right questions to obtain new clues. Follow the right leads and uncover new info about the suspects… And never forget that your life is in the balance. 

Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late? Better hurry – both the clock and the meter are running…


  • GORGEOUS NOIR STYLE: Every character and location are lovingly hand-drawn in stunning black & white, evoking the pure tension of the noir style of art.
  • A VIVID AND ORIGINAL CAST: Meet dozens of original, surprising, realistic characters and share their lives for a few brief moments. Listen and help – they might have something useful for you.
  • INVESTIGATION VS. SURVIVAL: Will you forsake information for more money, or sacrifice your income to get the info you need? Make your choices quickly as time is running out!
  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS, MULTIPLE KILLERS: Can you uncover the identity of the killer each time? Be careful: a guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next.
  • NON-LINEAR NARRATIVE GAME: Encounters are random. Every run is different.

The gritty neo-noir aesthetic of Night Call is coming soon to PC, Mac and consoles (including the Nintendo Switch), and can currently be wishlisted on Steam. To learn more about the game visit

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