KICKSTARTER: Graphic Novel Adventures – Season 2

Last year, Van Ryder Games delivered the next evolution of gamebooks with Season 1 of Graphic Novel Adventures. Now they’re back with five new adventures in an exciting second season – visual gamebooks where you’re the star of a graphic novel, including a 2-player Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Encounter foes, puzzles, traps, riddles, and much, much more! Not every path is safe though, so choose wisely! Each Graphic Novel Adventure tells a cohesive and engaging story with a variety of themes and storylines, each with different rules and gameplay twists on the core system. If you need an engrossing game to play on an airplane tray table when travelling – look no further!

In Mystery! you are a new recruit trying to join the Legion of Champions, the most famous superhero group of all-time. You’ll have to prove yourself. Experience the trials with Mystery, Miracle Woman, ShadowDark and others in this hilarious and fun filled adventure!

Ready to continue where Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations left off? Well look no further than Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty: Associates! In this book, not only can you play as Holmes and Watson, but now you can also choose Moriarty!

In Sherlock Holmes: The Challenge of Irene Adler, there is a new detective in town! Irene is now competing with the Baker Street boys for business. But will she truly be able to rival the skills of Sherlock? Play solo, or head to head against another player each taking on the role of either Sherlock Holmes or Irene Adler. Only by using your wits will you prove yourself to be London’s Greatest Detective! Will you best your opponent in this battle of wits? Or will your opponent come out on top?

In Pirates: The Great Chase, you can choose one of three Pirates with a different set of stats. Your goal? To find the prisoner that just escaped your ship and is swimming toward a nearby island. This is a true treasure hunt and you will really need to keep your eyes peeled for hidden objects along the way! You never know what you’ll come across that could be helpful later on!

In Pirates: The City of Skulls, you’ll continue where your adventure in The Great Chase left off and explore the bustling pirate town. Will you be able to unlock its secrets and find what you are looking for? Featuring a new stat to track – your piracy level – this Pirates book is sure to satisfy.

Additionally, full-colour printed bookmarks (above) featuring tracking sheets will now be available to purchase for each book as a pledge add-on, and printed bookmarks for the Season 1 books will likely also be offered as an add-on in the pledge manager after the conclusion of the campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Season 2 books, which has already easily surpassed its funding goal, ends on the 26th of March. You can discover more about the full Graphic Novel Adventures series at the Van Ryder Games website.

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