PREVIEW: The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon

Sentient Play is teaming up with Fighting Fantasy co-founder Ian Livingstone and an amazing collection of writers, animators, developers, cartographers and artists (including Iain McCaig), to create a new type of computer RPG, where interactive fiction and roleplaying mechanics merge to produce a dynamic single-player fantasy videogame with a classic style and feel.

Incorporating elements from Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon and Trial of Champions, The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon uses the Storybook Hero RPG engine to bring the best parts of ‘old-school’ roleplaying to life in a modern, cinematic way. With the convenience of a gamebook, the replayability from a survival roguelike, and the wide wonder of pen & paper roleplaying, this is a revolutionary ‘Novel’ RPG where your actions quite literally write the book as you play.

Once a year, hopeful contestants, spectators and gamblers from near and far descend on the city of Fang when it opens the doors to Deathtrap Dungeon for the Trial of Champions.

Competing for a fortune in gold, champions face monsters, traps, and eventually each other – for only one can exit the dungeon triumphant. But this year, the dungeon is twice as large and twice as deadly…

A month-long competition promises fame and fortune to anyone with enough wits, skill and brawn to survive a run all the way through the deadly dungeon. Can YOU become the first hero of Deathtrap Dungeon?

Encounters can be overcome in multiple realistic ways: combat, stealth, negotiation, sleuthing, etc. In addition, you will be challenged, not just your character. Solutions will require your creativity, wit and strategy to succeed, understanding your opponent’s next action and their current state of mind and physical condition. Put your skills, items and relationships to the test when facing challenging situations. Procedurally-adapted encounters (combat, dialogue and roleplaying) can often be handled through a broad set of play-styles with tactical, turn-based solutions.

The further you go on an expedition, the harder it gets… and the greater the potential rewards. Decide after each encounter whether to head back to safety with what you’ve gained so far or to keep on going and risk it all – there are no game saves in the dungeon. Back in town, purchase better equipment and convince mentors to teach you skills to provide new insights and actions during encounters so that you can progress deeper into the dungeon.

An early ‘backstage’ preview of the upcoming campaign for The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon is currently available on Fig, where you can make a pledge or invest in the game. To be released via Steam on PC and Mac in 2019.

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