Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa

Charles A.F. King has released his latest Choose Your Own Fate gamebook; the underwater adventure Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa. A branching path narrative consisting of 108 sections, this is a fascinating mystery investigation set during the height of the Cold War, when both the US and Soviet superpowers were seeking any advantage that they could find in a technologically advanced arms race. In the depths of the Atlantic, nestled on the ocean floor is the Soviet Union’s attempt to gain an edge: a secret complex run by the Soviet Navy that is researching weapon systems on the cutting edge of science, as well as pushing the borders of ethics.

June 1987 – a Soviet Intelligence collection ship is found adrift with all hands lost and evidence that points to a possible secret research station on the bottom of the ocean. It is up to you to take a submarine to the seafloor station and recover as much as possible from the base before the Soviet Navy is able to secure the facility. Your choices will determine how the story will unfold and whether or not your mission is successful. Are you ready to go to the seafloor and raid Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa?

Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa is an adventure gamebook where you are given the mission of exploring the underwater complex as it undergoes a mysterious crisis. In addition to your exploration goals, your very survival in one of the world’s most extreme environments quickly becomes a pressing concern. There are opportunities, but they come with risks – is mission success worth your life?

Challenge yourself with different styles of play and exploration, immersing yourself in the puzzles left by the fringes of science. Managing an inventory of gear will be vital to uncovering all of the secrets that the Soviets intended to keep. Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa also allows you to choose your character’s personal background (Special Boat Service Operator, Mercenary or Film Director), which determines your starting health and difficulty, and determines how your final score will be affected. This final score calculates your success in locating items and completing special tasks, which can be optional to the main narrative.

Soviet Seafloor Station Ustritsa is available in paperback from Amazon (US, UK & CA). You can also check out Charles A.F. King’s range of gamebooks at Amazon’s author page.

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