The Saviour of Sharn – An Eberron Solo Adventure

5e Solo Gamebooks has released The Saviour of Sharn – a Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition adventure set in the World of Eberron – a magical setting of swashbuckling action, greed and conflict, deep intrigue and great mysteries. Aimed at Level 4 players, this 279-section gamebook features 5e mechanics without the need for a Dungeon Master. Designed for one player, it can also be played by two players without a DM, as a DM+1 adventure or even as a full campaign with multiple players. Custom combat sheets run monster tactics during combat, and colour battle maps for all possible encounters are also included.

The story begins with you, the Player Character, deep in study within the Morgrave University Library…

You stretch your arms, working the crick out of your back. It is late, and the librarian looks like she is tired of your presence here and anxious to get home.

You turn your attention back to your study, the history of Khorvaire’s houses, and in particular House Cannith’s innovations in the field of living constructs. The invention of the creation forge, and subsequently the warforged race, was an innovation that has had a ripple effect through the ages. Built to fight in the Last War, the first warforged were mere combat drones, but through the tireless efforts of Baron Merrix d’Cannith and his son Aaren, the warforged had been developed into fully sentient, self-sufficient beings. Incredible.

Then, a mysterious figure slips you a sealed letter and disappears before you can discern their identity. This letter warns of a great evil threatening the safety of the citizens of Sharn. An army of patched-together warforged is being amassed in the abandoned sewers beneath Blackbones – enough to take the city. A hero is needed to investigate these alarming developments. Will you step forward and rise to the challenge, becoming the saviour of Sharn?

The Saviour of Sharn is the first 5e Solo Gamebooks release to be set in the captivating D&D campaign setting of Eberron and its most populated continent, Khorvaire. To enjoy the full Eberron experience, it is recommended (although not essential) that you use the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron to aid in the creation of your character, as it fully details the unique races of Eberron, the mystical dragonmarks (arcane sigils granting useful magical abilities), and new magic items.

The spectacular vertical city of Sharn – known as The City of Towers, where magically constructed buildings stretch hundreds of feet into the sky – is located atop a cliff above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland. A racially and culturally diverse city, Sharn’s population (including humans, dwarves, halflings, goblinoids, gnomes, elves, warforged and more) ranges from the extremely wealthy and privileged to those who are desperately poor and face a daily struggle to survive. This high-tech metropolis of magical technology and flying transportation is the home of many different characters, including: wealthy scholars, industrious merchants and tradespeople, clerics, politicians, soldiers, entertainers, desperate thieves and assassins, spellcasters, writers, artists and artisans. In districts from soaring Skyway to the sweltering Cogs, thousands upon thousands of people from every race and nation toil and play, eat, drink and die among the towers. Sharn rises high into the cloud-filled sky, but also extends underground, into sewers and long-forgotten ruins, and even deeper to the furnaces and foundries, where ancient monsters may lurk.

The Saviour of Sharn is available to download as a hyperlinked pdf from Dungeon Masters Guild. For more information about other 5e Solo Gamebooks currently available, click on the category link at the top of the right column on this page.

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