Interstellar Terra

An Illustrated gamebook featuring 777 sections, Interstellar Terra by John Kirk is an epic adventure in which you teleport from your home planet, Terra, which is located in a futuristic parallel universe, to an unknown world discovered in deep space.

You are an accomplished scientist, an expert in astronomy and interplanetary teleportation. Originating from a planet similar to Earth, you have explored many worlds within your solar system. Your home-planet, and its neighbouring worlds however, exist in a parallel universe to that of Earth.

Whilst observing the skies with your unique telescope, you discover a dark and frigid planet interstellar planet, which you plan to explore; but on attempting to teleport to this world, things don’t go to plan, and you arrive at a place which throws your mind into confusion as to your true location.

Interstellar Terra is an extensive and detailed exploration-adventure, which can be played as either a gamebook using personal attributes (Attack, Skill, Strength and Fortune) and full combat rules, or as an interactive novel where you simply assume that you pass every attribute check and win all battles.

Incorporating many unusual and exciting features, Interstellar Terra includes: object and numeric puzzles (utilising mirrors, tiles, sliding cubes, holograms and force fields); a system of roads constructed by a mad astronomer’s robotic workforce; aircraft powered by energy from the atmosphere; planetary natives and aquatic beasts; white-hot lava fountains; laser trees (which help control the planet’s climate and release heat from volcanoes); a mountain 30 miles high; glowing atmospheric gas (which provides a natural light source); laser swords (which can be remotely upgraded in power); and weapons that produce shock waves to destroy assailants.

Now available to purchase as a 708-page perfect-bound paperback from Lulu (where you can view an extensive preview of the book), Interstellar Terra is a comprehensive sci-fi adventure imaginatively rich in nanotechnology, wormholes and holograms – where you control the story.

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  1. Wow, that is quite a massive book. Sci-fi gamebooks are rare – this is a welcome distraction from the fantasy ones. Does the author have a website or some other way to contact him? I would love to read a post mortem or a ‘making-of’ of such a book.

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