Cthulhu Chronicles

MetaArcade (creators of Tunnels & Trolls Adventures) have now released their second game, Cthulhu Chronicles, developed in partnership with Chaosium Inc. A narrative horror game inspired by the cult favorite RPG Call of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Chronicles is set against the classic H.P. Lovecraft backdrop of 1920s New England.

Unlike many RPGs, the focus of Cthulhu Chronicles isn’t on levelling up a custom-made character through combat. Instead, players choose between 6 unique investigators, each of whom has their own strengths, weaknesses, and individual storylines. Players are free to switch between investigators at will and explore the world of Arkham from all their perspectives.

At certain points in a story, players will make choices that affect the story’s outcome. Each story also has numerous clues to uncover – which in turn unlock new storylines and outcomes as the campaign unfolds. The clues you find are permanent for the investigator who unlocks them, so you’ll always have the benefit of those clues in repeated playthroughs. But clues aren’t shared between investigators, so you’re able to experience different and complete narratives with each character.

Cthulhu Chronicles plays in portrait (rather than landscape orientation) as seen above, which makes it easier for players to enjoy the game on the go. The first campaign, Investigations in Lovecraft Country, will include 9 scenarios, 5 of which are currently available. As in Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, scenarios are bought with virtual currency, but you can also use free trials which recharge every day. No need to watch ads to play for free!

Initially released only on iOS, an Android version is planned once MetaArcade can dedicate the appropriate level of resources to its development. Cthulhu Chronicles promises plenty of interactive entertainment for fans of all things eldritch and macabre – read more about the game at the MetaArcade blog. The Great Old Ones Awaken…

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