Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, unmemory is a creatively immersive text-driven noir mystery set in the Mediterranean coast during the 90s. Using logic, deduction and discovery skills to overcome challenging puzzles, you’ll bring order to your memories to solve the mystery and discover an uncomfortable truth. A highly innovative blending of narrative, graphics, interaction and game mechanics, unmemory explores the influence of memories on our identity. Without memories we lose our identity.

unmemory is the story of the Killer Kittens – a band of white glove thieves. Many are after their valuable loot but there is only one person in the world who knows where it is hidden: you. And everything would be fine if it wasn’t for one small detail: you don’t remember anything.


  • Immersive story. It blends the power of words to foster imagination with the capacity of puzzles to challenge our brains to make you feel as you were inside the story.
  • Suspense + mystery + thrills! A single-player mystery adventure game where text is the scenario and memories the puzzles.
  • Challenging puzzles, totally integrated in the narrative.
  • Inspired by films like Memento and Mulholland Drive, games such as Monkey Island, Her Story or Device 6, and books like House of Leaves.
  • Indulge in universal themes such as memory, identity, revenge, passion and betrayal.
  • Leverages special device features, sound effects and a moody soundtrack.
  • Sophisticated and elegant

Available in English and Spanish, unmemory will initially be made for iOS (mobile and tablet), with an Android version to follow. A Steam version may also appear if enough backers support the Kickstarter campaign ending on August 2. You can discover more about this stylishly new kind of storytelling at the unmemory website.

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