Dust and Salt: The Battle for Murk

From Prime Games, the creator of Dust and Salt, comes the next tale from the Sin Lands: The Battle for Murk. An interactive narrative set in a low-powered, gritty medieval world, you must save your hometown from falling into the hands of a cruel and barbaric leader. Play as Corporal Mandrake from the City Watch, collecting evidence to uncover the truth in time to save your hometown from falling into the enemy’s hands. Explore temple dungeons, rowdy taverns, shady allies, and more. Obtain information from suspects or catch their lies by using your wits. Uncover the truth in a plot full of deception.

Gameplay in The Battle for Murk consists of a city map and story text. The attractive, detailed map allows you to choose where to travel, while the story text (written by author Sycamore Bright) builds around the constant choices you have to make, creating a rich, non-linear story, reminiscent of a classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Decisions matter, with your actions then defining and directly shaping the world that you experience.


  • A short story-focused game (about 1.5 hours).
  • Although the plot is related to Dust and Salt, this can be played as a stand-alone game.
  • For fans of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!, Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure.
  • Memorable personalities. Engage with other characters and potential suspects within the city of Murk in well-written, interactive dialogues.
  • Art that brings the story to life. Zoom-in on the world map to enjoy the detailed artwork.
  • Immersive soundtrack. Featuring the gorgeous Nordic music by acclaimed artist Mike Olsen, a.k.a. Danheim.

The Battle for Murk is to be released in July on Steam for PC and Mac. You can learn more about the world of Dust and Salt, and developer Prime Games, at their website.

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