KICKSTARTER: The Artifice Archipelago

The Artifice Archipelago is a nautical ‘choose your own ending’ novel from Connor A. Wilkinson, in which the reader decides how to navigate the dangerous environment of the archipelago. With extensive choices, traps, deaths and many strange events happening, will YOU be able to make it through safely?

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (it has already easily exceeded its modest funding goal), The Artifice Archipelago also incorporates something different, as backers of this unique project can contribute their own characters and story arcs to add to the content of the book. So, if you’re keen to create someone or something original from your own imagination, then here’s your chance to get creative and expand the adventure!

Consisting of over 250 pages and featuring 50 endings, the stretch goals already achieved have added two new story arcs (aquatic & treasure temple), new items to discover, and a store where you can make a purchase. The Artifice Archipelago includes a ‘true ending’ for players to achieve, however, there are many challenges to face during your journey – and a greater mystery to solve!

Visit Kickstarter now to find out more about The Artifice Archipelago. The funding campaign ends on June 9.


Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Flickr: Mergui Archipelago, CC BY 2.0,

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