Destiny’s Role: Zero to Hero

Renowned gamebook blogger Mark Lain has just released the first gamebook in his new ‘old school’ series Destiny’s Role. The introductory book (numbered zero), entitled Zero To Hero, contains four short adventures, which introduce some of the themes and concepts of Destiny’s Role.

Two of the adventures (Master of the Tiltyard and The Cult of the Black Feather) use variants of what will become the standard DR system, which is simple to both understand and master. These two adventures, plus the conceptual short subject Celtic Frost, introduce locations and NPCs who will form part of the growing world of the series. All bar Celtic Frost use dice-driven stats and inventory/information management as their core mechanics, whilst this one adventure uses an innovative system of sections “numbered” by using the letters A through Z – built into which is the solution to what is effectively a puzzle.

Pit yourself against the greatest jousters in the region to win the right to be named MASTER OF THE TILTYARD

Assume the role of a hard-boiled film noir detective in your deadliest case yet as you try to unlock the secret of FRAGILE BEAUTY  

Be faced with more than you had reckoned for as you head deep into the inner sanctum of THE CULT OF THE BLACK FEATHER  

And step into the waking nightmare of CELTIC FROST

Several other titles in the series are already in preparation, with these to be released as fully-illustrated gamebooks featuring full-length individual adventures of the standard 400-500 paragraph length. Book 1 will hopefully appear before the end of 2018.

Destiny’s Role: Zero to Hero is available now from Amazon (UK or US), and you can also follow Destiny’s Role on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with this ongoing series.

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