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Van Ryder Games, publishers of the hit solitaire game Hostage Negotiator and the investigative board game Detective: City of Angels, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for their latest project, Graphic Novel Adventures – five visual gamebooks in the style of graphic novels.

What if a gamebook implemented GRAPHICS into the gameplay? What if, instead of text driving the action, text AND graphics combined to create a visual sensory experience?

Graphic Novel Adventures feature a variety of themes and storylines, each with different rules and gameplay twists on the core system. The five gamebooks are:

* WARNING: Potential Spoiler Alert for those who’d prefer to avoid viewing ANY final pages before playing the books *

Book 1: CAPTIVE ~ your daughter has been kidnapped and a ransom received for her return. As you walk to the front door of a darkened mansion, hand clinging to your service weapon and with rage in your stomach, you fear that things could end badly.

Book 2: TEARS OF A GODDESS ~ the sacred sprouts known as ‘the tears of Nuwa’ have been stolen by 3 thieves. You are a bounty hunter hired to track and return them before the apocalypse is unleashed! And make a bit of money in the process…

Book 3: LOUP GAROU ~ you’ve been bitten and are now a young werewolf. You’ll have to learn to control your powers if you are going to find your master and solve the mysterious events going on in the town of Whitehorn. Fight monsters, creatures, human enemies and other foes!

Book 4: YOUR TOWN ~ ever wondered what it was like to be the mayor of a small Wild West town? Well here’s your chance to find out… No one said it was gonna be easy though! Can you manage the town as a successful mayor, or will you fail yourself and the townspeople who are depending on you?

Book 5: SHERLOCK HOLMES FOUR INVESTIGATIONS ~ you’ll question many suspects along the way… but will you ask the right questions? Will your observation skills be up to the task? Choose to play as Dr. John Watson or as Sherlock himself to solve the cases.

The five gamebooks offer unique stand-alone stories, game & combat rules, skills & abilities, puzzles, riddles, hidden numbers and other challenges that will test you at every step.

Graphic Novel Adventures is already fully funded, and the books are targeted for delivery in June. Pledge now to receive one or more books of your choice, or back the campaign for the complete collection and receive an exclusive custom slipcase. The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 24. You can find out more information about Van Ryder Games at their website.

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