Coming Soon: The Mind’s Eclipse

The CORE, a private research station, 2352. Celebrity scientist Jonathan Campbell awakens to this fallen utopia and must search for his loved ones – with the help of L, a mysterious AI companion.

The Mind’s Eclipse is a brooding sci-fi visual novel from developer Mind’s Eclipse Interactive. Featuring hand-drawn graphics and emotional narrative-driven gameplay, The Mind’s Eclipse teases with its many questions about earlier catastrophic events and the unremembered impact of your own actions within a world of implants and new technologies, intelligent machines and deadly conflict.

Players will uncover the mystery of the Eclipse and its side-narratives through the interactive exploration of numerous environments, accessing chat logs and personal journals as you search for Jonathan’s family while piecing together exactly what happened to the CORE. A point-and-click graphical adventure featuring morally gray characters and a darkly mysterious atmosphere, the gameplay of The Mind’s Eclipse is aurally supported by an eerie, futuristic soundscape that greatly adds to the growing apprehension of what it is that will be discovered.

Explore a fallen utopia. Find your loved ones. Beware COSy.

The Mind’s Eclipse will be available via Steam and from 25 January, 2018. You can find further details at the developer’s website, and can also download a short, playable demo of the game (PC, Mac, and Linux) from

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