Legacy of Dragonholt

As a narrative adventure game, Legacy of Dragonholt occupies a unique space in gaming. The adventures that you embark upon are not about winning or losing. Instead, they’re about the stories that you can create – on your own or together with your friends – as you journey to Dragonholt village and beyond. Drawing elements from adventure board games, RPGs, open world video games, and even CYOA books, Legacy of Dragonholt is a gaming experience and an invitation to adventure like none other.

Set in the Runebound universe, this game’s rich story turns 1-6 players into bold heroes and takes them to the edge of Terrinoth where a mysterious death has occurred. Players have the opportunity to design their heroes and then journey to the far reaches of the realm where they will attend grand balls, battle goblins, and end the reign of an evil count who threatens to usurp the rightful heir of Dragonholt.

You slump down on the wooden bench, stretching your legs. You have been traveling for nearly a week now toward a small village called Dragonholt. Your journey is at the request of Celyse, a former traveling partner and friend, who has since found her calling as a tutor to the children of Countess Regina Fairfax, Lady of Dragonholt.

You are uncertain why Celyse has summoned you to Dragonholt. Her letter is strange, speaking only of a vague threat that requires your assistance. More alarming is the note on the back, “Refer to my first letter”. You had not received any word from Celyse before this one. Could she have sent another letter that was intercepted? You fold the letter and stow it away before standing. With a last fleeting glance at the crossroads signpost, you start off toward Eventide Forest.

Legacy of Dragonholt is the first narrative adventure game to utilize the new and innovative Oracle system. This unique game captures the experience of a roleplaying game without the need of a game master. The intuitive, user-friendly gameplay throws players into the action almost immediately and is designed to engage both new and experienced players, welcoming them to the world of Runebound. Every decision that players make weaves a complex narrative of their adventures at the edge of the civilized world. With six exciting quests, Legacy of Dragonholt draws players into a fully realized fantasy world filled with magic, mystery, and mischief.

Legacy of Dragonholt is now available from Fantasy Flight Games and other retailers.

2 thoughts on “Legacy of Dragonholt”

  1. Very much looking forward to this, although £60 is alot.
    I think it’s great that the gamebook aspect is unashamedly at the forefront.

    1. I’m keen to give it a try too. It certainly isn’t cheap, however, there’s quite a lot of well-presented content in the box. If you’re wanting a GM-less game format, then a gamebook system really is an ideal replacement.

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