The Ballad Singer – write your own fantasy story!

The Ballad Singer is a unique and ambitious videogame designed by Riccardo Bandera from Italian developer Curtel Games. Inspired by RPGs, visual novels and gamebooks, this ‘narrated graphic experience’ asks the player to build their own path during each game, creating challenging, immersive stories where decision-making and consequences will directly determine your fate. Featuring both single player and co-op game modes, The Ballad Singer offers a fantasy story that’s yet to be written, where the world changes and reacts to the player’s actions, with all decisions affecting the way the tale unfolds.


  • 4 characters to choose from, each with a dynamic, intertwined story
  • 100% totally narrated adventure
  • 700+ illustrations
  • 40 different endings
  • 10+ playing hours per narrative path
  • 1700+ narrative developments

The Domino System is what allows you to live thousands of different narratives within The Ballad Singer. These paths will change according to your actions, the characters you have selected, and their progress or failures. This branching system is based on chaos theory, where a small change often leads to unexpected consequences that can affect all characters. Each event results in numbers of consequences affecting the entire Hesperia world and changing the whole game ecosystem.

In the single player campaign, you’ll play as one of the four main characters, following their adventures in the world of Hesperia. Importantly, death is not a defeat in The Ballad Singer – it’s a new start and a new opportunity, as you will now have the chance to use another hero in a world affected by your previous character. Also, every single development and subplot in your story will be completely narrated and illustrated as you adventure in this fantasy universe created by author Alberto De Stefano.

The Ballad Singer is set in the world of Hesperia: a fantastic yet realistic universe, where the laws of science merge with those of magic. Hesperia is a cruel world, merciless on unprepared adventurers. Don’t trust anyone, use your instinct and your knowledge – this is the only way to survive and to continue your quest.

The Ballad Singer will be available on Windows & Mac via Steam/GOG in English and Italian, with a mobile version of the game likely after the initial release. The offered Kickstarter Limited Edition version of The Ballad Singer contains an exclusive 10% of additional story, which will not be made available in the retail version. The funding campaign will run until Sunday, December 17.

Head to the Kickstarter page to add your support, or visit the game’s dedicated website for further information about this unique roleplaying game.

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