Ben Dever on Lone Wolf 30 and beyond

Joe’s son, Ben Dever, posted the following message on Facebook today:

As the anniversary of the loss of our father approaches, it’s time to reflect and to share some news about the future of his universe. This will be one of the final posts on this page. At the end of the month, the profile will be memorialised, and all future news will be announced via a new official Lone Wolf news page here…

At the beginning of this month, I was honoured to be invited alongside my father’s partner Nadine Caron to Lucca Comics & Games to present the inaugural Joe Dever Award, which was given to Stranger Things. Of the many tributes dedicated to dad in the past year, the Joe Dever Award is the one he would be proudest of. It was a humbling and moving experience to walk in his footsteps, to meet his fans, and to celebrate his legacy. It was also a great opportunity for us to share some exciting news about the future of Lone Wolf, and some details about the remaining three books in the saga.



Dad wanted Dead in the Deep to be the beginning of the end. It sets out the chess pieces for the final confrontation, and is packed with details essential to the epic conclusion to the saga that we’ve been waiting over thirty years for.

The Italian release has been scheduled for November 2018 and is co-authored by Vincent Lazzari and myself using the detailed instructions given to us by dad in the week before he left us. Vincent Books (Raven Distribution) will have the book on sale at Lucca next year, which means the same immaculate quality we have grown to expect. Francesco Mattioli has almost completed the map (see above), which you can take a look at on the new official Lone Wolf Facebook page. Alberto Dal Lago has almost finished the outstanding cover – what you see below is also a work in progress. The story itself is 50% complete, and we are busy Deverising the text. The English version will have a bonus adventure to be written by August Hahn, which will feature the quest of another Kai Grand Master during this dark period.

We pick up the adventure one day after the final page of book 29: The Storms Of Chai. Kai Grand Master Steel Hand is imprisoned in the ruins of the ancient Lyrisian city of Emolyria, on the brink of the Maakengorge; the largest mustering points of the servants of darkness. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and the Sages of Varetta have prepared a diversion to allow you to infiltrate Emolyria’s vast subterranean dungeons to save Steel Hand. However, in the depths of Northern Magnamund lies a terrible but forgotten power, the true legacy of the Darklords, harnessed by the evil denizens of Emolyria. Fiery, hungry, and fed by the endless pain of the Restless Dead. Ready to rise from Maakengorge and consume your world. Will you succeed where one of your comrades has failed?


BOOKS 31 & 32

The titles of these books will be revealed on the final page of each preceding adventure. Book 31 will be published in November 2019 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Flight From The Dark. And the very last book in the saga will come the November after that – in 2020, with no less than 551 sections – marking the end of an epic journey that has spanned the lifetime of many of us.



The complete manuscript is currently being proofread. The bonus adventure ‘Lost in the Kelderwastes’ has been translated into English, Deverised by myself, and illustrated by Rich Longmore. It will be delivered to Mantikore before the end of the year for the German publication. The English release is still being negotiated, so we do not have a date for publication yet. Holmgard Press was, in fact, a one-man operation run by my father, and can’t operate under these terms moving forward, so we are still deciding upon the best method for releasing the remaining deluxe hardback collector’s editions moving forward.



Autumn Snow 2 is currently in progress: the text is finished and Megara only awaits Gary Chalk’s final illustrations. Vincent Lazzari has delivered the proofread manuscript for The Realm of Sommerlund to Cubicle 7, which implies a release for the Kickstarter of what will be the new “Magnamund Companion”.


It’s been a tough year, discovering my father’s inner world whilst mourning his loss, learning a new business whilst maintaining my own career, juggling a young family with the weight of responsibility to make sure his legacy and the new books live up to all your expectations. I apologise if the slow pace of news has been frustrating.

Please remember to join the new official Facebook page for all the news about Lone Wolf and Magnamund moving forward.


Ben Dever

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