Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers

Set off and explore the world of Catan like never before with Asmodee Digital’s Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers, a text-based adventure set within the Seafarers expansion campaign for the classic resource-management board game.

Seventy years after the first settlers arrived on Catan, the island is enjoying peace and prosperity, but for how much longer? Each of your decisions in this captivating interactive story will have consequences; the fate of the island is in your hands.

You play as a raven, the island’s guardian, following three characters on their journey: Björn, the Blacksmith; Gwelyn, the Shipbuilder; and Norik, the Navigator. In order to lead these three adventurers toward their shared destiny, you must choose your words with care and write your own story as you learn a little more about the world that surrounds you. Many mysteries await…

As a bird with supernatural powers, you can communicate with and read the thoughts of human beings. This strange raven is also endowed with dark and intriguing visions. These disconcerting visions will perhaps bring trouble or, who knows, help from characters you cannot even imagine. 


  • Single-player text adventure with three different characters
  • 360° environment with immersive graphics and sound
  • A storyline based on the new scripted Catan expansion, ‘Legend of the Sea Robbers’
  • Extra features to unlock using your Asmodee account
  • Developed in collaboration with Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, the creators of Catan
  • Several different font sizes available
  • Available in English, French and German

This first text adventure to be set in the world of Catan is now available for iOS from the App Store, and for Android from the Google Play Store.

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