PREVIEW: Dust and Salt

Dust and Salt is an upcoming text-based tactical adventure game from Bulgarian developer Prime Games. An adaption based on a published gamebook from author Sycamore Bright, Dust and Salt is a non-linear story, merging CYOA gamebooks and RPGs to create a story based on personal choices. Will your decisions lead to a better future for the Sin Lands or will you turn into a usurper?

Lead your troops in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world, where you decide where to go and whom to form alliances with, forcing your will through diplomacy or war. Do you have what it takes to unite and lead the people of the Sin Lands through bloody battles and to victory? Will you get rid of the oppressors of this world or become one yourself? Are you worthy to rule?

Build up an army and fulfil your oath to avenge your father’s death by making the Seven High Lords of Murk pay with their heads, no matter the cost to you.

Decide exactly where you wish to journey to on the detailed world map and build your own adventure as you visit different locations – all before engaging in strategic, turn-based combat. The narrative branches based on your choices, with your actions shaping the world around you. These choices then define what abilities your character will learn, rather than simply picking abstract skills within a restrictive class-system.

Scheduled for release in mid-November for desktop and mobile, you can learn more about Dust and Salt at the developer’s website or facebook page.

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