Conscientia – A Text Adventure

Chaos Is Harmony’s text adventure Conscientia is a thoughtful role-playing experience, where your actions lead to specific consequences, and exploration rewards the player with new knowledge and a greater understanding of the world surrounding you.

Eidos. An immortal traveler in a world that is unknown to her. Where will she go in her exploration? What is her purpose? What will be her fate and the fate of all that she encounters? The answers to these and more questions are influenced by your actions.

Conscientia is the first in a unique series of interactive novels. The world you explore is a multi-layered experience where political intrigue, personal narratives, deep history and mythical realms converge to create an interwoven reality. This world will respond to your choices but it also has a life of its own. Engage with the world in whatever way you choose, but beware the dangers that each step will bring.

Gain friends or make enemies. Resolve conflicts or wage wars. Explore the past or deny the truth. Walk a path of serenity or of madness. All paths lead to compelling ends. And all ends lead to new beginnings.


  • Eidos the Many – Six personality affinities with their own reactions and options. Discover yours through the choices you make.
  • The Denizens of the Realm – Nearly 100 characters each with their own identity that respond to your personality and actions in unique ways.
  • A Labyrinthine World – Visit townships, traverse the wilderness, explore ruins and discover other realms beyond the physical.
  • Achieve Mastery – Learn Glyphs that confer powers and open new paths of experience.
  • Naturally Adept – Each ability is employed and every action is done intuitively with no tutorials required.
  • Shattered Mirror of Fate – Solve problems with a variety of solutions and experience innumerable unique narratives.
  • Gain Transcendence – Unlock new possibilities with multiple playthroughs as each save file interacts with the others.
  • The First Arc of a Saga – Interwoven storylines that lead into new books and upcoming content.
  • A Dying and Rising Being – Eidos is beyond death and time. Subsequent incarnations will not begin empty handed.

Conscientia is an intriguing personal journey into the unknown. Alluringly mysterious and often confounding, this first experience recalls classic text adventures with puzzle-based gameplay, where atmosphere and imagination lead the player to unexpected discoveries and key revelations.

Now available for Android from the Google Play Store.

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