DestinyQuest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea

The fourth book in Michael J. Ward’s DestinyQuest series will finally be published after a contract with Megara Entertainment (known for their collector’s editions of the Way of the Tiger, Lone Wolf and other gamebooks) was recently finalised.

Dark fury will rain down from the heavens.

A lost race returns from the shrouds of time, armed with the powerful magics of Ragnarok to unleash their bitter vengeance on an unsuspecting world. The shifting sands of the southern desert will run red with blood as the robbers and pirate captains of the Dune Sea are dragged into a deadly war – one which could unravel time and change the destiny of all.

You are an orphan with a strange gift for magic. Hunted by the church, you have fled south to the desert lands of Khitesh, seeking to make a fresh start as a sell sword. However, a simple treasure-seeking mission quickly turns sour, plunging you into the heart of a criminal underworld, where shady dealings and poisoned blades hide a deadly secret.

Do you have what it takes to survive on the cut-throat tides of the Dune Sea? You decide in this epic fantasy adventure – one where you make the decisions.

DestinyQuest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea will feature in a Kickstarter campaign later this year, where fans can pledge to receive a copy of the hardback – plus other, as yet unknown, goodies.

Michael J. Ward states in his announcement:

With each successive book in the series, I’ve taken on board feedback and criticism, and tried to ‘raise my game’ to improve the experience for readers – giving deeper stories, more meaningful choices and better gameplay. I feel confident the next book will continue this trend, giving readers an exciting new adventure full of mystery, new and memorable characters and – of course – loot. Plenty of loot.

I’ll be sharing much more info on the book as I progress with the writing – including sneak peeks at some of the careers and character builds, as well as other new and exciting game elements. It isn’t all about the game though. For those looking for a book that gives choice and consequence to a player’s actions, then this one will certainly deliver, I promise.

You can read the full announcement on the DestinyQuest website, where you’ll also find a link to Megara’s new Facebook page dedicated to the upcoming book.

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    1. Yeah, I’d expect that to happen at some point. I’m also thinking that the Kickstarter will be used to raise funding for internal colour illustrations (not just the maps), as per other Megara gamebook campaigns. That welcome inclusion would add something extra to the DQ series.

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