Fighting Fantasy Legends

The welcomed resurgence of the Fighting Fantasy brand in this 35th Anniversary year continues to gather increased momentum with the announcement from Nomad Games (creators of the successful Talisman: Digital Edition) of their upcoming new release, Fighting Fantasy Legends.

A card-based role-playing game set in Allansia, Fighting Fantasy Legends will see you exploring three classic locations from the early series of gamebooks: the infamous Port Blacksand at the mouth of the Catfish River (City of Thieves), Zagor’s underworld dungeon near the village of Anvil (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) and Balthus Dire’s imposing Black Tower situated atop Craggen Rock (Citadel of Chaos).

As the series reaches its 35th Anniversary, Nomad Games is putting a new spin on these familiar adventures. The player will explore the continent of Allansia, collecting cards and powering up their dice. Tricky decisions lurk around every corner as the player advances through decks of cards themed to their location, including cities, dungeons and more.

Fighting Fantasy Legends will be coming to Steam, iOS and Android mid-2017. Further information and more screenshots are available at the Nomad Games website.

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