Heavy Metal Thunder Part 3: Slaughter at Masada

Slaughter at Masada is the third release in the Heavy Metal Thunder series of apps from developer Cubus Games. This well-received interactive science fiction series is written by Kyle B. Stiff and illustrated by Marc Gonzalez. A one-week Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, raising funds so that a visual and intuitive user interface can be developed for the new team management system, and for more illustrations and character portraits, and new immersive music to create the atmosphere of the existing games.

Slaughter at Masada takes place on Mars, a brutal warzone where three sides are vying for dominance. Masada has been under siege for three years, and to overcome despair the people trapped in Mount Olympus have embraced a deadly philosophy of WAR FOR THE SAKE OF WAR. They are surrounded by Invader berserkers – criminal psychopaths too dangerous to be trusted inside spaceships. And now the Black Lance Legion has arrived to break the siege and recruit the fighters of Masada – even against their will, if necessary.

The Kickstarter campaign for Slaughter at Masada will end very soon on March 27. The pledge levels available for backers include: items such as an art book and soundtrack; limited opportunities to choose a name for a secondary character, or for your face appear in-game; and as ‘the chosen one’ author Kyle B. Stiff will write an exclusive, customised gamebook just for you, about whatever you want! You can also pledge to receive all of the adventure gamebooks currently released by Cubus Games, which includes Heavy Metal Thunder, Sol Invictus, Sinister Fairground, Necklace of Skulls and Deadman Diaries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lead a team of space marines on the brutal Martian battlefront. Head over to Kickstarter or to the Cubus Games website for further information about the Heavy Metal Thunder series.

The ground war begins… on Mars!

* UPDATE * After the unsuccessful Kickstarter, Slaughter at Masada is now available as an eBook for Kindle at Amazon, where you can also purchase digital copies of the first two books in Kyle B. Stiff’s Heavy Metal Thunder series.

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