Heroes of Urowen

Heroes of Urowen is a new fantasy gamebook created by Spanish author David Velasco, a writer of novels and gamebooks, and a translator of English video games and apps, including An Assassin in Orlandes by Tin Man Games. Heroes of Urowen is based upon his fantasy trilogy The Manuscripts of Neithel – a thrilling saga set in the lands of Urowen.

Heroes of Urowen has been devised in a style similar to the popular CYOA series that triumphed back in the 1980s. However, Heroes of Urowen has been further enhanced beyond these early classics with the addition of a very dynamic and exciting game system, totally renovated and directed to an adult audience. This detailed system includes rules that enable you to improve your character, making use of an endless number of weapons, armour, potions, talismans and countless other objects.

Fight to the death, bet your coins, participate in drinking contests, discover treasures, steal without stopping, improve your armour, obtain new and powerful weapons, learn spells, get drunk in a tavern or enjoy ‘other pleasures’ with a local prostitute. All this and much more is what you’ll find in the mythical Lands of Urowen, where the road to becoming a hero will be full of surprises. Create your character, choose your race and profession, and live the adventure in a world full of dangers, where every action and every decision you make will mark your future.

You can choose to play as an Elf, Dwarf or Human, and select one of seven careers (Sorcerer, Hunter, Warrior, Thief, Minstrel, Alchemist and a Sàgrast Knight Monk), with these decisions then affecting your starting attributes and your unique special ability. Your hero’s four main attributes are Strength, Skill, Magic and Perception, and these are also a key component of the combat system, where one of them will be your weapon’s base attribute to be added to dice roll totals.

This easy-to-learn combat system includes four damage locations (legs, trunk, arms and head), offering different levels of inflicted damage. Armour worn will then reduce any damage dealt, resulting in a unique combat system that offers variation for every player character and every new adventure, and rewards those who equip suitable weapons and armour to enhance their combat ability.

Recently translated from the 2012 Spanish edition, Héroes del Acero, which was a bestseller in Spain, Heroes of Urowen is now available in paperback from Amazon (US or UK). You can read more about the gamebook, and creator David Velasco, at the author’s website.

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