Day of the Worms

Kismet Interactive Fiction’s Day of the Worms is a new Android app featuring parasitic zombie worms, allotments, and 12 different kinds of biscuit!

Urban gardening meets the zombie apocalypse! Inspired by cheesy horror flicks from the 1980s, Day of the Worms is an interactive fiction game, set at the dawn of the zombie takeover, and only you are able to prevent it!

Choose your weapons!
Choose your fate!
Choose your biscuits!

Make your choice in this brand new text adventure, and fight or sneak your way through an allotment site in the North of England, combating deadly worms and the shambling corpses of your former friends. Day of the Worms is a text-based multiple-choice game, with several gruesome ways ways to die, and multiple endings!

Inspired by the everyday real-life experiences of working on an allotment, and by horror films and fiction, Day of the Worms is both funny and horrific, where the choices you make will affect the final outcome. Do you finish off the defeated zombies when given the opportunity, or simply leave your helpless, shambling foes and quickly continue? These personal choices will lead to different endings – but only one of them can truly be called a ‘happy ending’, and there are also many ways to die before you get there.

Choose to kill everyone, steal a vehicle and ram the gates, mow down a mob, or notify the authorities. The more ethical your choices, the better the final outcome. You play as an 81-year-old retiree, so you’re not a natural hero. You’re old with creaking joints, and are in constant danger of having a heart attack before you get home. Good luck in surviving the zombie takeover!

Day of the Worms is currently available to download from the Google Play Store.

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