Pick Your Path micro booklets

Word Nerd Games are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for their unique Pick Your Path micro stories. Printed as a micro booklet that neatly folds down to the size of a credit card, these wallet-friendly adventures offer true old-school portability!

Pick Your Path are CYOA-style stories, available in three popular genres: sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

MOON UNIT ~ Aliens are taking over your moon base and you must fight them the only way you know how – by flipping a coin.

THE RINGBEARER ~ You hold in your hand the one thing that can save the kingdoms, but not everyone is pleased to see you…

FRESH MEAT ~ Your town is being attacked by zombies; do you fight the evil undead, or stay and defend your burger van?


The three adventures are available as downloadable Print and Play files, or can be delivered as professionally printed booklets.

Each booklet consists of eight pages, comprising the cover and 26 entries, which will guide you through the many story paths. The Print and Play version is set on a single page, which can be easily folded into a micro booklet (as shown in the video included on the Kickstarter page). The physical version will be professionally printed as a concertina booklet, which folds down to A7 size.

The Pick Your Path Kickstarter campaign ends on March 2.

A revised funding campaign is now running until April 10th – further details at the new Kickstarter campaign page.

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