Stuart Lloyd’s latest game system has now been generally released via RPGNow. Titled SCRAWL (Solo CRAWL), this new system has been built from the foundations of his earlier Wayfarer system, however, within SCRAWL there’s no detailed world-building or specific game logic, just old-school dungeon crawling where monsters and treasures wait for the arrival of skilled, or foolhardy, adventurers. Seek treasure, buy more (and greater) gear, avoid traps and explore the many dungeons, wilderness areas, cities and ruins that the SCRAWL system will offer.


The short adventure Dungeon of the Orc Boss has also been released. It’s not a standard gamebook, but a solo dungeon adventure with a random generator, multi-level maps, and tables for determining traps, treasure and creatures.

A violent Orc Warlord is raiding nearby villages. Will you be able to step up and put an end to the peoples’ suffering? On the other hand, this is just a thinly veiled excuse to go and slaughter some orcs. You probably wouldn’t care if people were suffering or not. There will be treasure. Go on. You know you want to. You’ve probably gone a whole week without causing havoc.

Both products are available as ‘Pay What You Want’ downloads from RPGNow, as are his other Wayfarer titles and Tunnels & Trolls solo adventures. You can also visit Stuart’s gamebook blog here.

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