RIP Joe Dever

Legendary gamebook author Joe Dever passed away on 29 November 2016 due to complications after surgery. Creator of the fantasy world of Magnamund and the Lone Wolf series, Dever’s many gamebooks, roleplaying games and computer games enthralled and entertained millions, earning him impressive worldwide sales and establishing his works as much loved fan favourites.

At the time of his death Dever was finishing book 30 in the Lone Wolf series, the second ‘new’ volume to be released after The Storms of Chai was published in 2015/16.


Dever was best known for the ongoing adventures of the Kai Lords in Lone Wolf, however, he was also the creator of the two-player visual gamebook series Combat Heroes and the post-apocalyptic Freeway Warrior series: the latter was recently updated for publication by Swedish publisher Åskfågeln, and is scheduled for release from 2017.

Gamebook News extends sincere condolences to Dever’s family, friends and acquaintances. He will always be remembered through his imaginative writing, which will continue to find passionate fans across the globe for many years to come.

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