The Serpent King’s Domain – UPDATE

Paul Gresty, the author of the forthcoming The Serpent King’s Domain – the long-awaited 7th book in the Fabled Lands series – has recently posted an update on the Fabled Lands blog regarding his progress towards completion of this new book. It’s shaping up as a lengthy and detailed adventure with the current draft consisting of over 1000 paragraphs, so there’ll certainly be plenty of journeying to be had as you delve into the mysteries of Ankon-Konu, the Feathered Lands.

Paul has also noted in his post that he’s found it quite challenging to create original items/treasures for inclusion in The Serpent King’s Domain. There’s now an interesting discussion taking place following the post, with general thoughts and ideas – and some specific item submissions – from fans as part of the conversation. Check out the post to see details about a couple of items from the book, and to read the responses regarding item creation in the Fabled Lands world.

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