Grey Star the Wizard – Collector’s Edition

Megara Entertainment have just launched their latest Kickstarter campaign for an updated hardback version of a classic gamebook. Originally published in 1985, Grey Star the Wizard was the first of four books released in a new mini-series titled The World of Lone Wolf, created by Joe Dever and written by Ian Page.

You are Grey Star. From the core of a raging storm you appeared – a human child, shipwrecked and orphaned, a gift of hope to the exiled Shianti sorcerers. Ever since that fateful night they have raised you as one of their own, teaching you the mysteries of their magic in preparation for an epic quest.

The time has now come. You must find the legendary Moonstone and with its power crush the evil Wytch-king of Shadaki. For only you can save the land of your birth from the cruel grip of his empire. But be warned! Ahead lies a terrifying journey into the unknown where survival or death confronts you with every turn of the page.


A tyrant called Shasarak the Wytch-King has subjugated the people and with the help of seven Shadaki Wytches is ruling with an iron fist.

The Shianti, members of a mystical race, wish to help, but because of their exile on the Isle of Lorn they are forced to remain neutral in the conflict. However, one night the situation changes when a storm wrecks a vessel near the island, with a human infant being the only survivor.

In this child the Shianti see a chance to help the people of Magnamund without breaking their vow to Ishir, and they raise the boy in the arts of magic, giving him the name Grey Star: the star as the symbol of hope, and grey for the white-grey streak the boy has in his dark hair.

Once his training is complete, Grey Star is sent out to retrieve the Moonstone, an ancient Shianti artefact, from the Daziarn, for only with its power can Shasarak be defeated.


This revised Collector’s Edition will feature brand new interior illustrations, cover and fillers by Gary Chalk, plus a bonus adventure at the end of the book, written by Scriptarium and approved/revised by Joe Dever & Ian Page.

Read more about this new Collector’s Edition here. The Kickstarter runs until December 3.

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