Coming Soon: The Frankenstein Wars

Cubus Games continue to make excellent progress on their upcoming gamebook app The Frankenstein Wars – an interactive sci-fi tale of war and horror. This ‘meaty, choice-intensive story’, features a branching, non-linear, time-sensitive storyline where you guide two brothers through a 19th century alternate-history setting:

Tom and Anton Clerval have long guarded the secret to Victor Frankenstein’s resurrection technology. In revolutionary France, in 1827, that secret at last comes to light. The radical Zeroiste movement creates an army of the reanimated dead to seize control of the country, and then to cross the Channel to strike at the heart of the British Empire. Only Tom and Anton have the power to halt the Zeroistes – or to stoke the flames of all-out war. Decide the fate of the world in this enhanced interactive adventure in the same vein as classic series such as Fighting Fantasy or Choose Your Own Adventure.

Conceived and designed by Dave Morris (Fabled Lands, Blood Sword, Dragon Warriors and the recent Frankenstein app from inkle), written by Paul Gresty (Arcana Agency: the Thief of Memories and the forthcoming The Serpent King’s Domain) and illustrated by Rafater (Games Workshop), The Frankenstein Wars impresses with its promise of a gritty story featuring ever-shifting goals. You will meet human-animal hybrids and reanimated soldiers made of once-living meat, be able to direct whole battalions in narrated strategic battles, and seek to understand the impact of remarkable technologies on people – both living, and resurrected!


Available on iOS and Android, The Frankenstein Wars offers absorbingly mature, character-led humanistic themes rarely seen in current interactive fiction. You can read more about this eagerly anticipated project on Kickstarter or at the Cubus Games website.

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