The Temple of Flame Collector’s Edition

After successfully funding Crypt of the Vampire earlier this year, Megara Entertainment has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the second reprint of a gamebook from the classic Golden Dragon series by Dave Morris: The Temple of Flame.

Far below the lost temple of the ancient god Katak, you and your evil foe Damontir the Mad act out a deadly game. You stalk one another through the silent tunnels where no living thing has trod in centuries, both seeking the priceless gold idol of the flame god.

With skill and daring and a little luck, you can overcome the traps and monstrous beings that stand between you and your goal. But then you must face Damontir in a mighty conflict to decide who will emerge victorious into the light of day and who will remain in the silent darkness forever.


This deluxe, enlarged, full-colour hardback Collector’s Edition will again feature coloured versions of all the black-and-white original interior illustrations by legendary illustrator Leo Hartas – including the page fillers – and he’ll also create a hand-made character sheet for this new edition.

As part of the Kickstarter, an additional 100 sections will be written by Mark Lain (under the supervision of Dave Morris) to expand the adventure if the first stretch goal of 6000 euros is unlocked, and 5 new colour illustrations will also be commissioned from Leo Hartas if the second stretch goal of 7000 euros is reached.


Head to their Kickstarter page for further information and to add your support to the campaign.

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