The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

Narborion Adventures: The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau is a young adult, high fantasy gamebook from Liber Primus Games. A companion game to the original Narborion Saga series, with some crossover characters, this story-driven RPG features minigames, riddles, turn-based tactical battles and dozens of possible paths to choose from – all leading to a battle against a dragon named Lig-na-Baughe.

Begin the game as a servant on an isolated, rural estate before you are asked to accompany your first love on their Knight’s Quest. Build your character as you embark on the epic journey, exploring towns and training your mind and body for intense battle. You can choose to travel through dangerous cities filled with mysterious dark magic, fight alongside the valkyries, trade riddles with an underwater legend, tame a giant, discover the hall of the Stone Nymphs, and make friends with witches, faeries, and more – all before proving your worth to obtain the ultimate treasure from Lig-na-Baughe’s hoard – The Chalice of the Knight’s Council. With hundreds of in-game choices, who will your character become by the time they reach the final battle?


Available now as an app from iTunes or Google Play, you can find out more about the series at, where you can also read an interview with Meghan Barrett, the writer of Narborion Adventures: The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau, who also shares her Ten Tips for playing the game.

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