Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings

The epic conclusion to inkle’s Sorcery! series will be available for desktop and mobile on September 15th, 2016, and will be released simultaneously on Steam, the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is a four-part fantasy adventure like never before. With tens of thousands of choices, the story rewrites itself around your actions. Battle weird and deadly creatures, cast powerful spells, play with honour, or lie, cheat and steal. The fate of the land of Kakhabad is in your hands! Plot your own journey across a hand-drawn 3D world map in this fully interactive story featuring 1000s of choices. The story is rewritten on the fly based on how you play, so with 48 magic spells to master and a touch-based sword-duelling battle system, there’s plenty of exciting adventuring to be had.


More information about Sorcery! 4 and the entire Sorcery! series is available here.

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