Click Your Poison: Pathogens

James Schannep has recently completed writing his fourth Click Your Poison book – Pathogens – and has now released the vibrant cover artwork by artist Brian Silveira:


Unlike other books in the series, this is the first one where you don’t ‘play’ as yourself. Instead, you can choose a character and see how that person survived the initial outbreak from their own perspective. James notes that:

…this is also my busiest book. Six characters to play through, each with tiny details that relate not only to the other storylines, but also back to INFECTED and the larger Click Your Poison universe. I don’t think of this book as a sequel or prequel to INFECTED – more of a spin-off. A sister book, if you will. The events in PATHOGENS take place after INFECTED has already begun and end, before that book concludes. In my last interactive zombie tome, your primary enemy was the undead themselves. That’s still the case here, but you’ll also have to deal with a (perhaps) larger threat: the death of civilisation and the evil in men.

Coming soon to Kindle (ebook) and Amazon / Createspace (paperback). Check out more information about the series here.

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