Coming soon: The Lords of Benaeron

Readers of Jeffrey Dean’s impressive Road Less Traveled series of post-apocalyptic gamebooks will soon be treated with a new and excitingly different adventure in his upcoming third book, The Lords of Benaeron. Currently at over 175,000 words, this third book features an open world structure (inspired by the Fabled Lands series) and utilises a central hub for selecting missions and advancing the main story.

Lead a rebellion to victory in ‘The Lords of Benaeron’, a hybrid gamebook that combines a traditional branching-path narrative with a sweeping cityscape rife with opportunities for open-world exploration! Tackle stealth missions, assaults, diplomatic meetings, and calculated betrayal as the rulers of one of the last cities in the post-apocalyptic world of Jeffrey Dean’s ‘Westward Dystopia’ plan their next move. Recruit soldiers and volunteers by navigating fragile alliances. Search for powerful weapons to aid your underground army. Assault the palace of the Lords of Benaeron themselves as the clock ticks down ever closer to the day when everything changes forever!

As you can see above, the legendary Tony Hough has produced another fine illustration for the cover. Further details about Greek Winter Media‘s previous ‘Road Less Traveled’ gamebooks can be found here, where you can purchase Westward Dystopia and Spire Ablaze in either softcover or ebook formats, or as Android apps.

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