Lone Wolf 29 ‘The Storms of Chai’ released

Book number 29 of the classic Lone Wolf series was published in April (English edition) – and the first ‘fat’ printed edition has already sold out! The second ‘thin’ edition is currently available here to purchase.

The Lone Wolf gamebook adventures are a unique interactive fantasy series. Each exciting episode can be played separately, or you can combine them all to create a fantastic role-playing epic in which you are the hero of the story. The Storms of Chai is part of the New Order series, which details the adventures of one of Lone Wolf’s disciples in the New Kai Order.

The Storms of Chai

The Forces of Darkness have launched a coordinated assault upon the Free Nations of Magnamund. Their intentions are clear: to overwhelm and annihilate them before an effective counter-offensive can be undertaken. Your mission is one of seven that Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf has initiated to turn back this unprecedented tide of evil before it engulfs all the goodly nations of Magnamund forever. Will you succeed in your vital quest to retrieve the Eye of Agarash from the city of Pensei and bring it back safely to the Kai Monastery of Lorn, or will you fall victim to the powerful Nadziran Zashnor and the terrible creatures at his command?

Printed on high quality paper, hardbound for durability and wrapped in a sumptuous dust jacket with a stunning colour map on the reverse, the size of this New Order series remains the same as all of the previous titles in the Collectors’ Series to maintain continuity. The book also features bonus adventure The Tides of Gorgoron by Vincent Lazzari & Joe Dever.

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