Star Bastards: A Two-Fisted Adventure Gamebook

Hermit Skull’s Star Bastards is currently funding on Kickstarter (it’s already blown past the required total!) – punch, shoot, sleaze and gamble your way across a derelict galactic highway in this old-school gamebook adventure. You call the shots!


Star Bastards is a 338-page single-player sci-fi gamebook. It includes 32 full-page illustrations, and features a unique deck of special item and co-pilot cards. Available as a softcover book, hyperlinked PDF or ebook, this adventure has a vicious sense of humour. Trust no one – just about every character you meet has their own thing going on and isn’t all that interested in helping you with whatever you’re up to.

The story includes two complete adventures in one, and you begin with the assistance (most of the time) of a co-pilot. Eight possible endings and lots of replayability – sounds like great entertainment!

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