ROUND-UP: recently released and upcoming

There’s been quite a bit of activity in the last few weeks regarding games and books that GBN has been following, so here’s a quick round-up of a few that have recently become available:

Dust and Salt

Prime Games’ text-based tactical adventure game, Dust and Salt, is now available on Steam. A compelling medieval story of family vengeance and personal destiny, Dust and Salt features non-linear text, strategic diplomacy, and turn-based combat. Its impressive visuals perfectly capture the fantasy world of the Sin Lands, where your actions will define and shape the world you experience.

Force your will with either diplomacy or war. Do you have what it takes to unite and lead the people of the Sin Lands through bloody battles to victory?

The Mind’s Eclipse

Mind’s Eclipse Interactive has released their brooding narrative-driven sci-fi visual novel, The Mind’s Eclipse. Explore this point-and-click graphical adventure with the mysterious AI companion ‘L’ as you attempt to uncover the mystery at the private research station called the CORE.

The Mind’s Eclipse is available as a download for Windows, macOS and Linux from the developer’s website, or via Steam.

Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain

The long-awaited book 7 of the epic open-world solo role-playing series Fabled Lands has finally been released! Featuring 1200 sections written by Paul Gresty, and illustrated by Kevin Jenkins (cover) and Russ Nicholson (interior), The Serpent King’s Domain allows players to explore Ankon-Konu – the Feathered Lands.

Enter The Serpent King’s Domain, a vast jungle forbidden to outsiders. Along these uncharted paths lie a thousand opportunities for adventurers bold enough to seek profit, glory, knowledge or raw power. Defy the ever-vigilant hunters whose traps wait to claim the lives of the unwary. Explore the mysteries of the Plateau of Dragons, high above the forest canopy where no human has ever set foot. Exorcise the ghosts that haunt the creeper-choked city of Tarshesh. And finally confront the immortal Serpent King, living avatar of an ancient god, the deadliest warrior of this mysterious realm.

Previously funded via Kickstarter (backers are currently receiving their hardback collector’s editions from Megara), The Serpent King’s Domain is now available to purchase as a regular paperback (the ‘small’ size of the reissues from FLP) or a large-format paperback (matching the size of the original Pan editions – without the cover flaps) from Fabled Lands Publishing at Amazon.


The first three books in the DestinyQuest series – The Legion of Shadow, The Heart of Fire and The Eye of Winter’s Fury – are all now available to purchase online once again (see Amazon and Book Depository). These are the ‘small’ paperback reissue editions from Gollancz, which will match the size of the upcoming paperback release of Book 4: The Raiders of Dune Sea, from Megara Entertainment (see the Kickstarter campaign ending very soon!).

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