Choose Cthulhu: cosmic horror gamebooks

Here’s your chance to become the protagonist in H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos as you face alien deities, horrible monsters and shameful cults in Choose Cthulhu: The Choose Your Own Insanity Gamebooks. Six of Lovecraft’s best stories have been adapted into interactive fiction, with each book consisting of 100 playable sections and 11 full-page illustrations: The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, At the Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Nameless City, and The Dreams in the Witch House.

Additionally, an exclusive seventh book, The Arkham Madhouse, featuring about 250 playable sections, 22 illustrations and an acknowledgements section called The Pnakotic Manuscripts, has also been written, which can only be purchased if you buy the entire collection. This unique book tells six possible stories, revealing the fate of many characters seen in the first six books who’ve now lost their minds and found themselves in cell 77 at the Arkham Madhouse – a terrible psychiatric institution where inexplicable events take place.

Choose Cthulhu: The Choose Your Own Insanity Gamebooks is a collection of seven gamebooks in two different formats – vintage and deluxe – available in both English and Spanish. The vintage softcover format seeks to replicate the nostalgia of classic 80s gamebooks by faithfully reproducing the layout style and book dimensions of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. The deluxe hardcover format is an enhanced collector’s volume, slightly larger in size and including a bestiary of creatures and characters. Also, the seven covers of the deluxe editions create a unique illustration when placed together – this combined image is closely related to the content of the seventh book.

The Choose Cthulhu gamebooks feature a classic CYOA structure, with no dice rolling, nor characters with special abilities. However, simple game mechanics have been included in certain volumes in order to make them more entertaining. Some of these are: puzzles you can only resolve by investigating different sections, and the possibility of winning or losing CULTIST POINTS (with you becoming the bad guy) as well as SANITY POINTS in the Arkham Madhouse.

Choose Cthulhu: The Choose Your Own Insanity Gamebooks is now seeking supporters on Ulule – a European crowdfunding website. Rewards available for project contributors include: selected volumes, or all seven books in the collection; a Collector’s Edition box set; an opportunity to be included as a NPC at the Arkham Madhouse; bookends featuring The Great Cthulhu bust; T-shirts; hand-painted phone cases; and even customised straitjackets!

The mystery that emanates from H. P. Lovecraft’s classic tales perfectly lends itself to the adventure and investigation of the gamebook format, and because of the impressive visual power of his creations – the Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, the monsters from the Mythos – Choose Cthulhu: The Choose Your Own Insanity Gamebooks will take you into Lovecraft’s world to face creatures that you would never want to meet in a darkened corridor. This compelling visual aspect of the Cthulhu Mythos is reflected by the accompanying artwork created for the series: evocative illustrations by Eliezer Mayor and Juan Antonio Abad that capture all of the weirdness and terror found in the master’s tales.

As the required funding goal for Choose Cthulhu has already been surpassed (€10K in only 17 hours!) a series of stretch goals will now be added to the campaign to enhance the series and provide greater value for supporters. These stretch goals will be anything from additional languages or more volumes – like the special ‘illustrated gamebook’ The Cats of Ulthar – to full-colour internal illustrations.

The Ulule campaign ends on February 27.

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