Kickstarter: Rider of the Black Sun

Featuring more than 1,350 sections and with a completely unique approach to section reference and replayability, Rider of the Black Sun is one of the most extensive gamebooks ever published. Originally released as a German language edition (Reiter der schwarzen Sonne) during 2012, publisher Mantikore Verlag decided to print a small amount of promotional copies late last year to test the demand for an English translation – they were sold out within just a few days. Encouraged by this success, now you have the opportunity to purchase a copy and become a dragon master in Swen Harder’s dark fantasy adventure Rider of the Black Sun – now live on Kickstarter.

Swen has also written the bonus adventure Echoes of the Moonstone in the Collector’s Edition of Lone Wolf 21 – Voyage of the Moonstone (with co-author Eberhard Eschwe), and the rock comedy Metal Heroes – and the Fate of Rock (a gamebook with over 800 pages and it’s own metal soundtrack on CD!).

You are an Ugarith, a master of the night, with no recollection of your origin or past life, waking up after committing a disastrous bloody deed… Being a hunted outcast, you now have to fight for your way to freedom. Meanwhile, you discover your superhuman powers and eventually fulfil your sacred duty – bringing back the world from the edge of oblivion.

Special features of Rider of the Black Sun include:

  • 12 chapters, including a special combat and bonus chapter
  • Rules are explained step by step in easy-to-follow tutorials appearing in the intermissions of the first 4 chapters
  • Expert rules can easily be added to enhance the difficulty
  • Many challenging riddles and puzzles to solve
  • Enhanced three-page character sheet for skills, equipment, values and notes
  • Hidden Bonus Sections
  • Detailed combats and epic boss fights that take place in their own unique chapters
  • Ride and command a dragon!

Rider of the Black Sun helpfully features an ingenious Save Point system, ensuring that your progress is not lost once a chapter has been completed, and that you are never required to return to the beginning of the book to start the adventure again. The hidden Bonus Sections, containing extraordinary items, abilities and clues, can be accessed with your daring, skill or luck, and there’s also a further reward: Fate Points, which will enhance your chances in achieving a perfect ending.

Rider of the Black Sun includes excellent artwork by the talented illustrator FuFu Frauenwahl, who will provide additional vignettes and full-page illustrations for this new English edition if specific stretch goals are reached. This Kickstarter campaign will also allow for the completion of text and gameplay edits, and the printed book will be upgraded to premium paper and a hardcover if € 9,000 is raised.

Become a Dragon Rider today by supporting the Kickstarter campaign! For further information about Rider of the Black Sun, or to download pdf copies of the adventure sheet and notes, visit Swen Harder’s website.

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