Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse

The long-awaited new gamebook from J. Pingo Lindstrom has now been released!

This post-apocalyptic adventure is the largest book in the Random Solo Adventure series so far, featuring 224 pages of tense adventuring in The Wasteland.

Decades ago the world was crushed in a disaster few of the living remember. You know that the key to future survival lies in discovering the truth about the destruction.

Your village was burnt to the ground by the Death Skull Gang. Everyone died – except for you.

With no weapons or food you wander into the wasteland – where only Death can enjoy your hardships…


Post Apocalypse utilises a Points system to determine the level of your personal abilities. These Points are distributed amongst your health, your four personal skills (weapons, language, mechanics and survival) and the purchase of weapons, items and ammo. So, you can choose to play as a specialist with high values in particular skills or create a character with a reasonable capability across a range of skills. It’s up to you to decide!

Post Apocalypse also features an advanced combat system, incorporating armed and unarmed combat. Damage sustained from your opponents can be minimised if you wear protective equipment, and the management of your remaining ammunition is an important strategic component to successfully complete the game.

Every game is random – each adventure is unique. Fast paced gameplay with easy-to-learn rules, this is a new and exciting take on the post-apocalyptic genre.

  • 50+ full page illustrations by Dvir Agiv.
  • Several different weapons to collect – each with their own calibre ammo.
  • Many different enemies to fight.
  • Trade with merchants.
  • Four different skills used throughout the adventure.
  • Random game style makes every play different!

Available now at DriveThruRPG (PDF) and Lulu (Softcover).

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