6Quest – The Choice Is Yours

Hungarian developer Hexahedron Games has now released an Android app featuring their gamebook collection of tales from the shattered world of Felorian.

What would you do if you were the hero of a story? If you could choose the direction it takes and make all the important decisions? If you could decide whether to save the princess or befriend the dragon? If it was your choice to throw the Ring into the fire or to keep it?

6Quest – The Choice Is Yours is a choose-your-own-adventure type of fantasy game where you, as the main character, make all the important decisions about the way the stories will unfold.

Featuring branching paths, timed challenges, character development, moral choice systems, resource management and multiple endings, 6Quest – The Choice Is Yours provides the player with a unique reading experience, ensuring that your choices actually matter and that you can personally shape the story with your own decisions.


The game currently features two complete quests: Awakenings, the introductory 6Quest gamebook (available for free) and Just Another Day, a story about the misadventures of a city watchman in a fantasy metropolis (purchasable with a free demo). The app also features a playable demo of Shipwrecked, a tale about solving the mystery of a deserted island.

You’ll also be able to collect achievements and codexes (interesting lore about this fantasy world) allowing you to explore and immerse yourself in a land full of adventure, intrigue and mystery!


6Quest – The Choice Is Yours is now available to download from the Google Play Store. A PC version should be available before the end of the year and an iOS release is scheduled for early 2017.

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