Autumn Snow: The Pit of Darkness

Megara Entertainment released a revised third printing of their first Autumn Snow adventure a few months ago – a ‘definitive edition’ of this Lone Wolf gamebook – now featuring a portrait version of the map of Sommerlund by Francesco Mattioli, replacing the previous landscape format, which required the reader to turn their book sideways.



Written by Martin Charbonneau and Joe Dever, and illustrated by Gary Chalk, Autumn Snow: The Pit of Darkness introduces a new Kai Initiate…

For the past seven years, you have been training and studying at the Kai Monastery. You have demons­trated great potential and already master five of the ten elementary Kai Disciplines, granting you the rank of Kai Initiate. Your parents gave you the name Kania, but today, you are better known by your Kai name, Autumn Snow.

Recently, a missive reached the King of Sommer­lund, sent by the fishermen of Misty Bay. This little village is located on Kirlu Island, the largest land mass of the Kirlundin archipelago, just south of Silvershore, the island’s main town. The village’s inhabitants were requesting the army’s assistance, claiming they had seen Darkland creatures, namely Giaks, wandering in the island’s interior. Initially, this request was met with skepticism, but when the fishermen of Misty Bay stopped supplying merchant ships with red salmon, a highly sought-after local delicacy, the King finally agreed to send an inspector to the island. The New Order Kai was swiftly informed of the situation.

When these troubling rumours of enemies within Sommerlund reached the Grand Master’s ears, he promptly designated a trustworthy investigator. It so happens that your main instructor, Kai Master Silver Flame, was tasked with this mission. As his most gifted student, you have been chosen to accompany him to Silvershore. Your first real mission as a Kai is about to begin!

Autumn Snow_Gary Chalk x6

This post is also an opportunity to feature some of the wonderful artwork from Gary Chalk – as shown above. As always, his illustrations are a visual joy and add so much to the quality of the adventure inside the book.

Available in both English and French, you can read more about Autumn Snow and Megara’s other gamebooks at their website.

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