Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain

A new map of Ankon-Konu from master illustrator Russ Nicholson, has been partially unveiled for the upcoming 7th book of the Fabled Lands series, The Serpent King’s Domain. Written by Paul Gresty, and to be published by Megara Entertainment (hardcover) and Fabled Lands Publishing (paperback), this is the long-awaited book 7 of the popular open-world RPG gamebook series.


Play as one of six professions – Priest, Mage, Rogue, Troubadour, Warrior or Wayfarer – through varied and overlapping challenges. Combat skill alone won’t save you. Delve into the mysteries of Ankon-Konu, the Feathered Lands. Explore ruined Tarshesh, the city of ghosts, and wander into Elaz Carnaquen, the spirit realm. Walk the trails of the Weeping Jungle, a land rarely seen by foreigners, and face the wrath of the Serpent King, Namagal.

You can download a 127-section demo at the Fabled Lands blog where you can also read a bit more about the map and the project.

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