May 2016

Lone Wolf 29 ‘The Storms of Chai’ released

Book number 29 of the classic Lone Wolf series was published in April (English edition) – and the first ‘fat’ printed edition has already sold out! The second ‘thin’ edition is currently available here to purchase….

Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain

A new map of Ankon-Konu from master illustrator Russ Nicholson, has been partially unveiled for the upcoming 7th book of the Fabled Lands series, The Serpent King’s Domain. Written by Paul Gresty, and to be…

Heroes Guard: The Journal

Rick Kelly at Under Byte Studios is currently finishing his gamebook app Heroes Guard: The Journal – an interactive gamebook with RPG and CCG elements. Set in the high-fantasy world of Argoria, you are a…